Research Nova Scotia Student Challenge: How Can we Economically Re-use Glass?

September 1, 2021

September 1, 2021

Research Nova Scotia, Scotia Recycling, and Divert NS are seeking innovative ideas for glass reuse and recycling in Nova Scotia. Challenge participants are encouraged to engage with potential end users or industry partners to identify realistic, feasible, and beneficial uses for recycled glass.

Participation is open to individual students, student teams, and classes in mechanical and chemical engineering, design and materials, sustainability, and other relevant subject areas in postsecondary institutions across Nova Scotia. Undergraduate and graduate students from universities and colleges across Nova Scotia are invited to participate.

With plastics increasingly becoming a focal point for waste reduction movements, even targeted by governments for outright bans, many consumers are turning to glass as a safer and more environmentally friendly package option. But glass jars and other glass products that do not qualify for bottle redemption programs can be challenging to recycle in Nova Scotia. The product is heavy, breaks easily, and has few applications locally. It is also heavy when packaged for export, meaning high shipping costs if sent to other jurisdictions to be used.

Nova Scotia’s engineering, manufacturing, and sustainability research capacity is strong. By tapping into the expertise of the province’s research community, we aim to improve alternate uses of used glass and reduce human impact on the environment through efficiency and waste reduction.

Expressions of interest are due 15 October, 2021. 

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