Accelerate Discovery

Advanced computing systems, accessed through your personal computer, are equivalent to thousands of laptops working together and can remove months or years from timelines.

Access high performance (HPC), big data, cloud and graphical processing unit (GPU) computing, storage, and a large-scale file transfer platform through ACENET.

Develop and test algorithms, create complex numerical models, run large-scale simulations, delve into machine learning, or test scalability of your solutions.

While traditionally the purview of natural and applied sciences, humanities and social sciences groups benefit from the data management and analytics tools available, adding to your research toolbox. The Compute Canada cloud allows you to build web-based platforms or portals, opening up new ways of analyzing data.

Industry benefits by bringing products to market faster, avoiding the financial and management headaches of hosting your own systems, and receiving local consulting and support, including face-to-face training to enhance your in-house skill sets.

Limited experience is required and there are no fees for researchers and their groups. ACENET’s team of technical specialists help you get started, and provide extensive training, expertise and ongoing support.

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