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Access the power of supercomputing and the support of our local team of experts from your own personal computer. We offer the performance and expertise your project or research needs.

ACENET’s supercomputing systems are equivalent to thousands of laptops working as one. With our high performance (HPC), big data, cloud and graphical processing unit (GPU) computing, storage, and a large-scale file transfer platform, you can aim higher.

Our team of technical specialists will help you get started, and provide extensive training, expertise and ongoing support so you can develop and test algorithms, run large-scale simulations, delve into machine learning, test scalability of your solutions and eliminate months or years from your timeline.

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Group and individual training from novice to advanced, with core skills and customized courses.

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The Digital Research Alliance of Canada (the Alliance) and ACENET services are offered FREE to academic researchers and their groups. Any academic researcher from a Canadian post-secondary research institution, or those collaborating on Canadian research projects, who need access to supercomputing resources to support their research may apply for an Alliance account.

As a not-for-profit, ACENET services are offered on a cost-recovery basis to businesses and organizations.