Mitacs and Compute Canada Partner to Support Innovation in Advanced Research Computing

November 12, 2015

TORONTO, ON —Mitacs and Compute Canada are collaborating to support the development of advanced research computing (ARC) skills across Canada to address the growing needs in industry for high performance computing and big data expertise.

The partnership will focus on leveraging the ARC expertise of graduate and postdoctoral fellows engaged with Compute Canada in a variety of disciplines to build connections to address the growing need for high-performance computing internships from industry.

Through a memorandum of understanding (MOU), ARC researchers in academia and industry will access Mitacs Accelerate funding and training opportunities. University researchers will develop a better understanding of industry needs, while participating companies get access to the expertise and resources to help them stay competitive in the global marketplace.

Access to expertise in high performance computing and big data analytics are essential components for sectors such as advanced manufacturing, life sciences, and natural resources. The projects emerging from this MOU will help make Canada a leader in big data analytics and high performance computing.