Lunaris is Now in Full Production

May 19, 2023

The Digital Research Alliance of Canada (the Alliance) is thrilled to announce the full production launch of Lunaris, a national discovery service for multidisciplinary data provided by the Alliance as one of its core research data management services. 

Discover Lunaris 

Lunaris supports the FAIR principles and benefits the research community in many ways. Datasets from over 100 academic, government and research repositories are made discoverable in a bilingual interface that provides keyword and map-based searching. Several new features have been added to improve the service since the beta launch in March 2023: 

  • geospatial preview for all applicable records 
  • audit of French language website 
  • enhanced map search functionality 
  • UX improvements based on user feedback 

Feedback was collected during the beta phase to enhance Lunaris. For more information about Lunaris, or to provide further feedback, please contact