ACENET Bright Idea

BA History, Oregon State University
ITIL Foundation Certificate

Karl has worked with ACENET for ten years and has 20 years experience in networking, systems administration and programming in academia. His experience includes: six years in front line user support; 10 years of web application development (includes interface design, front end user support database design etc.); two years of responsibility for Campus-wide System and Network Security; ten years of nationally certified leadership and skills training (instruction, group management, customer service/user experience trainer, logistics); and, three years on a provincial board and 1 on a national board (strategic planning, project management, user needs assessments). Karl provides systems administration support for ACORN, including maintaining its stratum 1 time servers. He has significant experience with Infiniband networking, network security, application development, parallel file systems, HPC scheduling systems, and VMware virtualization. Prior to Dalhousie, Karl managed the Oregon State University residence hall network - over 10 buildings with over 5000 devices - in addition to designing and implementing campus-wide network management tools, and detecting and responding to network security issues campus-wide.