Interactive Data Analysis & Scientific Visualization with Paraview

Wed, Apr 5, 2023 @ 1:00pm - 4:30pm NT
Status: Completed

Scientific visualization of large datasets allows you to identify critical areas and vulnerabilities during the design process so that you can focus efforts, cut design time and create a better product. Beginner, hands-on workshop.

Scientific visualization can be applied across a number of areas, including engineering, material science, sensor/drone data, geospatial, and life sciences. This workshop will introduce participants to scientific visualization on both a conceptual and practical level. Following an overview, the session will focus on teaching participants how to use the open-source Paraview visualization software on their own desktop. This will be followed by a demonstration on how Paraview can be used on a supercomputer for datasets that are too large for desktop or workstations.

This session will cover the following topics:

  • Using scientific visualization in communication and decision-making
  • Types of visualization
  • Extracting data from your model
  • Using the open-source Paraview visualization software on a desktop. Datasets will be provided.
  • Demonstration on how to do scientific visualization on a supercomputer using Paraview

Key Learning Outcomes

  • To understand the value of scientific visualization
  • To know the basics of Paraview
  • To be able to load datasets and create scientific visualizations on a desktop using Paraview
  • To understand when scaling up visualizations to run on a supercomputer is beneficial, and how to get started

Target Audience

  • R&D engineering or scientific staff with no scientific visualization experience


Dr. Angus Creech