HSS Winter Series 2023: Machine Learning for HSS

Thu, Feb 16, 2023 @ 11:30am - 1:20pm

Status: Upcoming

École d’hiver des SHS 2023 : Apprentissage machine pour les SHS

Machine Learning is without a doubt one of the biggest buzzwords in tech in recent times. No wonder - it is what powers many of the innovations we have all grown to love in this last decade: from the autocomplete function and the virtual assistant on your phone, to self-parking cars and the recommender system on your favorite streaming service.

What many people don’t know is that Machine Learning is not new. In fact, it can be seen as nothing more than a change of perspective on a much older field that is well-known to the HSS community: good old Statistics.

In this workshop, we will look beyond the Computer-Science-centric jargon of Machine Learning and show, with examples, how your existing knowledge of Statistics translates into Machine Learning and provides all you need to learn more about this exciting field.

The hands-on workshop environment will only require a modern Web browser. A second screen is recommended to be able to follow instructions on one screen and write code on a separate screen.

Please see https://hss23.netlify.app/ for more sessions in our Humanities and Social Sciences Winter 2023 Series.


L’environnement interactif de cet atelier requiert uniquement un navigateur Web moderne. Un second écran est recommandé afin de pouvoir suivre les instructions sur un écran et pour écrire du code sur un écran séparé.

Veuillez visiter https://hss23.netlify.app/ pour plus le programme complet de l’école hivernale des outils numériques pour la recherche en sciences humaines et sociales.






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