FAQs on Training

Skills development is one of the cornerstones of ACENET, alongside access to digital research infrastructure and support in using it. Each year, we deliver almost 50 training workshops across a range of topics. Our training is available to researchers and students at post-secondary institutions in Atlantic Canada and beyond, as well as to our industry clients. 

Where can I find ACENET’s training offerings?

All of our upcoming training sessions can be found on the right sidebar of the training page on our website. Additionally, we have links to training sessions offered by our partners across the country. You will also see an extensive list of all the training sessions that we currently offer. Most of these sessions include links to the slides, lesson content, and some even have recordings that you can view. We also publicize our training events in our newsletter. If you're not already on our newsletter list, you can subscribe here

How does ACENET decide what types of training sessions to deliver?

We schedule our training sessions based on the needs of our community. We rely heavily on participant feedback and requests for training to know how to best meet your needs. We then find a way to offer the most requested training sessions. If we have a session that is very popular we do our best to offer a second session to accommodate as many people as possible. If you don't see a particular training topic in our catalogue or schedule and you would like to request it, please submit your request in this form.

How do I know if I have the prerequisite skills to take part in the training session?

Many of the sessions we offer do not require any prerequisite knowledge or skills. However, if they do, you will find the required information in the course description for the registration and on our training page.