Embedded Tech Support - Fall/Winter 2023 Call!

November 29, 2023

Call is Open for Embedded Technical Support program

The Embedded Technical Support program is designed to assist researchers in any discipline at Atlantic Canadian post-secondary institutions to adopt or improve their use of advanced computing techniques and resources in their research. 

These tools have the potential to accelerate discovery in almost any discipline. However, the expertise necessary to optimize code, successfully migrate workflows from a desktop to an HPC cluster, build a cloud platform, or simply explore the capabilities and benefits of advanced computing may not be readily available, especially in smaller projects.

This program pairs our technical experts with innovative projects that have high potential for success and impact, and that require advanced computing resources, programming support and/or in-depth technical expertise. Some examples of areas we can help are:

  • Code parallelization, profiling and optimization for HPC systems 
  • Scientific or data visualization
  • Data analytics
  • Workflow migration from the desktop to a cluster
  • Applying research data management best practices

Successful projects under this program are able to access focused and dedicated support from one or two of ACENET’s research consultants for a period of two to four months. During this period, the ACENET staff member will spend up to 50% of their time working on the project.

The current call opens 30 November, 2023, with a deadline for submissions of 12 January, 2024.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at applications@ace-net.ca.

More information and application form