Compute Canada Launches 2016 RPP Competition

June 9, 2015

Compute Canada has issued its call for proposals for the 2016 Research Platforms & Portals (RPP) Competition. The competition is designed for those groups who are creating new or supporting existing research platforms or portals. Specifically, groups are encouraged to use this competition if they fall into any of the categories below.

  • Resources requested on behalf of a large community of users that will be reallocated to individuals and small groups following the award.
  • Applications that provide a public platform that will make use of Compute Canada computing or storage.
  • Groups engaging in international agreements to provide multi-year computing or storage solutions based in Canada.
  • Recipients of the Major Science Initiative from the Canada Foundation for Innovation.
  • Groups that are providing shared data sets accessible using a third party (non-Compute Canada) interface.

Details are available on the Compute Canada website. The application guide can be downloaded as a PDF. If you are unsure about applying or otherwise need help, please contact one of ACENET's Computational Research Consultants, or email or