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ACENET facilities are designated for Canadian researchers or those collaborating on Canadian research projects. Any academic researcher from a Canadian research institution who needs high performance computing to support his or her research may apply for an account on ACENET.

Note: If you are a researcher with an organization other than a Canadian University, click here.

If you are at a Canadian university, or affiliated with a Principal Investigator (PI) at a Canadian university, continue with the procedure below.

How to get an account

Please read Conditions of Use before you decide to apply for an account.

Step 1. Get a Compute Canada ID
All eligible ACENET users must register with Compute Canada, obtaining a Compute Canada Identifier (CCI) and an active Compute Canada Role (CCRI). A faculty member must have an active CCRI before any non-faculty members of their research group (graduate students, post docs, research assistants, etc.) can register.
Step 2. Get an ACENET Account
Once your CCRI has been activated (usually takes one to two business days) log into the Compute Canada Database (CCDB) and click the 'Apply' button next to ACENET. You will receive an ACENET login name and password by email, usually within one business day. A faculty member must apply for an ACENET account before any members of their research group can apply.

Account renewal

Main page: Account Renewal

All ACENET users are required to renew their accounts on an annual basis. This provides us with data on your research activities that we need to report to our funders. It also ensures unused accounts are deactivated and secured, and allows us to recover associated storage space by deleting old data.

In previous years, ACENET did this renewal and data collection itself. In 2012 Compute Canada launched its own renewal process. To avoid duplication of effort, ACENET now relies on the national Compute Canada process for renewal of its accounts.

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