Consulting & Support

ACENET’s team of Advanced Computing System Administrators and Research Consultants provide expertise, help and training to you for the duration of your project.

  • Determining the most appropriate computing resources
  • Obtaining an account and getting started with the systems
  • Optimizing your efficiency by troubleshooting algorithms, teaching you how to manage schedulers, and in some cases designing code.
  • Providing in-depth collaboration where needed, particularly for newer clients
  • Offering accessible and responsive help through a Help Desk, direct email, phone and face-to-face meetings
  • Delivering specialized help, including:
  • Consulting on grant applications
  • Installing, operating and maintaining advanced computing equipment
  • Building portals and developing back-end tools
  • Conducting group and individual training from novice to advanced, with core skills and customized courses

In addition to their expertise in advanced computing, most of our research consultants have advanced degrees in a variety of scientific fields. It’s a powerful combination that bridges technology and research. Likewise, our clients have also indicated that often the team-based relationship between their local research consultant and advanced computing systems administrator leads to innovative solutions to challenging issues.

Our technical staff are based in Halifax, St. John’s, Fredericton and Antigonish (NS), and are able to travel to other locations as needed. While loosely responsible for the geographic area in which they’re situated, ACENET’s support team leverages their individual diverse skill sets with one another and serves clients based on the expertise required in a given situation, regardless of location.