Get An Account

Compute Canada and ACENET facilities are designated for Canadian researchers, those collaborating on Canadian research projects and qualifying industry.

If you are with an organization other than a Canadian post-secondary institution, please contact prior to applying for an account. Otherwise, please follow these instructions.

New Account

All eligible users must obtain a Compute Canada account with a Compute Canada Identifier (CCI) and an active Compute Canada Role (CCRI). This can by done by clicking ‘Register’ on the Compute Canada login page.

From there, the process is slightly different for faculty and non-faculty.


The faculty member Principal Investigator (PI) must have an active CCRI before any non-faculty members of their research group (graduate students, post docs, research assistants, etc.) can register.

Once the faculty member/PI registers, they will receive an acceptance notice by email confirming that they have an account.


A sponsoring PI who is also a member of Compute Canada is needed for any student needing an account.

Once the PI account is in place, other members of the research group, including students, proceed the same way as faculty members through the process of getting an account. The only difference is that the non-PIs will need to set their role to the appropriate level and share the ID of their PI in completing the registration form. The PI will then receive an email prompt to accept the sponsored application.

Please read the Acceptable Use Policy before applying for an account.

Obtain a Compute Canada Cloud Account

To get a cloud account, you first need to have a Compute Canada account, as above. You then apply for a cloud account by providing your Compute Canada username and email on this web form. You should receive an email in 1-2 business days with information about your newly created account.

Renew an Account

All Compute Canada/ACENET users are required to renew their accounts on an annual basis. This provides us with data on your research activities that we need to report to our funding agencies. It also ensures that unused accounts are de-activated and secured, allowing us to recover associated storage space by deleting old data.

Account renewals are managed through Compute Canada. Every March, you will receive an email from Compute Canada notifying you of the need to renew and with links to the process. From the date of that email, you have 2 months to complete the renewal process.

Even without receiving an email from Compute Canada, you are able to renew your account at any time by completing the Compute Canada account renewal form.

What do I report?

If you are a Principal Investigator (PI), you will be asked to confirm your contact information, provide some information about your research success over the past year, and confirm which user accounts you wish to continue to sponsor. You will also be required to submit your CCV.

If you have a sponsored account (typical of graduate students or research staff) you need only confirm your contact information and your desire to renew your account.

What happens if I don’t renew?

If no action is taken by your renewal deadline (2 months after first notification) your Compute Canada account will be de-activated.

If you are a PI and do not renew, your sponsored accounts will also be suspended at the deadline.

In order for an account to remain active, both the account owner and the sponsoring PI must renew.

Four months after the renewal deadline has passed and an account has been deactivated, any data stored on the account may be permanently deleted.

I’ve forgotten my Compute Canada password

You can reset your password and have your information emailed to you by following this link to Reset Compute Canada Password.

If you have any questions about your Compute Canada account or the renewal process, don’t hesitate to email

Reactivate an expired account

If you decided to renew your account after it expired, reactivation can be done by completing your renewal at the Compute Canada login page.

You will have to let us know once you have completed the renewal process with Compute Canada so we can reinstate it manually.

Moving to a New Group

If you already hold an ACENET account but are changing to work with a new supervisor, your new supervisor will sponsor you at Compute Canada and you should receive a new Compute Canada Role Identifier. When this happens, you should consult with both your former and new supervisor to ensure there are no problems with the intellectual property represented by the files in your old account. When all files have been properly copied, deleted, or otherwise disposed of, then write to asking for a group change. Have your former supervisor write to at the same time indicating that we may change the group-ownership of the files in your account from his or her group to your new group.

Please see the Compute Canada FAQs on accounts for further information.