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  • CFI Continues Funding to Compute Canada January 9, 2017 - The Canada Foundation for Innovation announced $328.5 million in funding today, including $69,455,000 for the Compute Canada MSI 2.0 project. This funding represents approximately 40% of the almost $174 million total funding for the project, the balance coming from provinces and post-secondary institutions. MSI 2.0 supports Compute Canada, along with regional consortia ACENET, Calcul Québec, Compute Ontario and WestGrid. Full story..
  • Randall Martin Appointed Dalhousie Arthur B. McDonald Chair December 15, 2016 - Dr. Randall Martin, member of ACENET's Research Directorate, has received one of two of Dalhousie University's inaugural Arthur B. McDonald Chair appointments. Each appointee receives $350,000 over seven years. The award's namesake was the 2015 co-recipient of the Nobel prize in physics and honours high calibre researchers conducting world-class research...
  • Dal's New Tech Program for Humanities December 2, 2016 - Dalhousie has announced a new computer technology certificate program specially designed for humanities students...


ACENET is a consortium of Atlantic Canadian post-secondary institutions providing advanced research computing resources, collaboration and visualization tools, software, training, and support. Our experts help local researchers and industry use advanced computing to accelerate discovery and innovation in Atlantic Canada.

If you are a researcher, institution or company in Atlantic Canada and you’ve outgrown your laptop, you’re having difficulties with commercial cloud platforms, or you can’t afford expensive hardware and software, we might be able to help.

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