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ACENET operates ten Collaboration Rooms at our member universities. These rooms are equipped with modern videoconferencing tools and are available for our research community. This easy access to high quality videoconferencing makes training, seminars, research group meetings, thesis presentations, and meetings of any type widely available to our researchers and helps eliminate the need for travel.

St. Francis Xavier University

ACENET's videoconferencing capabilities are based on the IOCOM technology which can communicate with both AccessGrid and H.323 based technologies. ACENET provides the central server infrastructure for all IOCOM sites within Compute Canada. Our IOCOM server has been federated with our AccessGrid venueserver removing the barriers to the easy communication between sites using either flavor of the technology.

ACENET Collaboration Rooms

Institution Description Room Location Booking Contact Calendar
Dalhousie University IOCOM Cart. 50" Plasma Displays Dept. of Math & Stats, Chase Building Room 305 Mathematics Department [1]
Memorial University IOCOM Cart. 50" Plasma Displays Earth Sciences ER4015 ACENET Admin [2]
Mount Allison University IOCOM Cart. 50" Plasma Displays Bennet G02 Darren Spidell [3]
St. Francis Xavier University IOCOM Cart. 50" Plasma Displays 42 West Street Room 203 Greg Lukeman [4]
University of New Brunswick IOCOM Cart. 50" Plasma Displays Gillin Hall GE 131 Lu Yang [5]
University of New Brunswick Saint John IOCOM Cart. Plasma Displays IH 215 Booking instructions for UNBSJ
Acadia University IOCOM, Plasma displays Huggins Science Hall, Room 154 Patti Davis
University of Prince Edward Island IOCOM, Plasma Displays Duffy Science Centre, Room 202 Chris Vessey [6]
Cape Breton University 3 IOCOM Wall mount LCD Displays Technology Centre T35 Maire Neville [7]

Desktop Video Conferencing

  • ACENET provides a desktop video conference client to all ACENET members. This software is compatible with our ACENET room systems, and can also be used for desktop-to-desktop video conferences between colleagues.
  • To sign up for a desktop video conference account, please register with your primary institutional email address:
  • Changes to your desktop account can be made by logging in on our primary collaboration server.


  • Support documents and FAQs are available at IOCOM Support.
  • You can also access software support from
  • The ACENET technical team can help you (click Ask Support) incorporate videoconferencing into your work.

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