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big quoteI would much rather have myself and my group thinking about theory and science, rather than maintaining computational hardware

Axel Becke, Department of Chemistry, Dalhousie University

big quoteI will always be thankful for opportunity to have been part of the ACENET community. Not just because of their world-class research facilities, but more importantly because of the people. The resources, research support, and creative community that is offered by ACENET allowed me the ability to pursue ground-breaking research during my PhD – work in the areas of Computer Science, Information Retrieval and Computational Chemistry. This research would not have been possible without the unique environment that ACENET offers.  Everything from the excellent supercomputing resources, to the diversity of researchers (allowing me to span multiple disciplines), to the sense of community and growth. Simply put I would not be where I am today without the experiences gained during my PhD, and without ACENET my PhD would not have happened. The experiences gained while being part of the ACENET community have been extremely valuable to me in my roles at Microsoft, especially when it comes to being able to bridge the gap between Research and Development. Since arriving at Microsoft I’ve worked in the areas of High Performance Computing and Large Scale Distributed Cloud Based Systems (Windows Azure), Game Engine Development (Xbox One), and Large Scale Data Processing and Learning Systems (Microsoft Research).

Mark Staveley, Microsoft Corporation

big quoteI am very fortunate to have someone of Shah Razul’s quality (brilliance, enthusiasm, collaborative-ness) near to me. That I can contact him and discuss technical issues at short notice is one of ACENET’s enormous benefits to me and the research program.”

David Pink, Department of Physics, St. Francis Xavier University

big quoteWe couldn’t do our work without the resources from Compute Canada. These models run on the order of hundreds of processors simultaneously. They run for days to weeks to complete a simulation. They produce terabytes of model output. We simply couldn’t do it without the resources that Compute Canada has to offer.

Katja Fennel, Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie University

big quote…for myself, ACENET coming on stream was transformative. It provided a stable computing environment. It provided the expertise, the back-up…just changed the way you thought about things and the type of problems you could tackle.

John Whitehead, Physics & Physical Oceanography, Memorial University

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