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ACENET offers access to digital research tools, expertise and ongoing support, and skills development to researchers and their teams in Atlantic Canada across all disciplines. Through our regional partnership with the Compute Canada Federation, you can access high-performance and cloud computing resources, storage, specialized platforms, and expertise from technical specialists with backgrounds and research experience in humanities, arts, and social sciences.

Funded federally and by the provinces, our resources are free of charge to researchers at post-secondary institutions in Canada.

Digital Research Tools

Cloud Computing & Development Space

The Compute Canada Federation manages over 40,000 virtual CPUs across the country, with a team of system administrators ensuring that your data remains in Canada within a managed, secure environment. Humanities, arts, and social science communities use our cloud environments for a variety of applications.  

  • Create a tool or platform to enable data mining and analysis, visual analytics, integrate different data sets
  • Create interactive maps
  • Create a MediaWiki, a community database or a repository on any subject matter
  • Gather data from the web (web scraping)
  • Develop a mobile application hosted in the cloud

High Performance Computing

With 240,000 CPUs across five national systems and an extensive range of software, humanities, arts and social sciences researchers can carry out a variety of activities.

  • Data processing
  • Data mining
  • Machine learning

Data Management and Accessibility

For many researchers, storage is their biggest challenge. We can help. 

  • Store data using Compute Canada Federation’s 95 petabytes of storage across its national systems.
  • Create a virtual machine in the Cloud to store, analyze and share data.
  • Develop a data management plan.
  • The Federated Research Data Repository, FRDR, (see below)

Our infrastructure is entirely owned and based in Canada, so your data stays here. Furthermore, we do not use your data for any purpose whatsoever, and do not access it without first seeking your permission.

The Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR)

FRDR addresses a long-standing gap in Canada’s research infrastructure by providing a single platform from which research data can be ingested, curated, preserved, discovered, cited and shared. FRDR was developed through the partnership of the Compute Canada Federation, Portage, the Canadian Association of Research Libraries, and Globus.

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ACENET has a dedicated Research Consultant with a background in social science to address the needs of our humanities, arts and social sciences communities.

We can help you:

  • Determine the most appropriate digital resources
  • Obtain a Compute Canada Federation account and establish a cloud project
  • Get set up in the cloud, create your virtual machine and install your software
  • Get started using the high-performance computing clusters
  • Get started with Globus


Use the high-speed, fire-and-forget, secure and easy to use Globus platform to access your data from anywhere, or to securely share TBs of data with national or international collaborators.

Globus maximizes bandwidth usage, manages security configurations, provides automatic fault recovery and notifies you of completion or any difficulties along the way.

You can also choose to transfer the data using Canarie, so that they stay in Canada. Your passwords protect the data as it moves through the internet.

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Grant Support

We can help with grant applications requiring digital research tools. 

  • Digital tools needs assessment
  • Develop the technical specifications, budget and RFP
  • Provide letters of support to granting agencies
  • Establish a partnership with in-kind contributions attached to usage
  • Host, manage and maintain shared equipment. This creates a win-win situation where you obtain the digital resources you need, while we maximize the financial investment through greater usage efficiency.


Please see our training page for a full listing of sessions and schedule.

Other Resources

Here are some other resources you may find useful.

Tools of the Trade

A monthly lunch time ACENET forum specifically for humanities, arts and social sciences researchers. The series focuses on discussions, demonstration and applications of digital tools for the humanities, arts and social sciences community. Each session will include a short presentation on a current topic, followed by questions and discussion. To receive notices of upcoming sessions, click here.

Compute Canada Federation Humanities and Social Sciences Working Group

This group meets regularly to discuss ways in which access to digital tools can be improved for the humanities, arts and social sciences community. It also advocates for the community within the CCF. It is also a forum whereby researchers can request help on their project. Contact 

Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI)

The DHSI is an annual digital scholarship training institute that takes place at the University of Victoria. Approximately 800-900 participants attend DHSI, and its extended pedagogical partnership includes some 30 institutions and academic organizations plus an expanding international training network. DHSI is a community-based environment for discussing and learning about new technologies and how they influence teaching, research, creation, and preservation in different disciplines. DHSI is a Canadian Social Knowledge Institute (C-SKI; training institute. A time of intensive coursework, seminars, and lectures, participants at DHSI share ideas and methods as well as develop expertise in advanced technologies.  More information

Digital Humanities Summer Institute – East (DHSI-East)

DHSI-East is an annual east coast forum designed to offer in-depth training more geographically accessible than DHSI held at University of Victoria. 2021 is the inaugural year for DHSI-East.  More information

Data Management

Best Practices

Data Curation

Data Licensing

Data Management Planning (DMP)


Persistent Digital Identifiers

Policy Requirements


Sensitive Data



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