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  • Dalhousie's Jeff Dahn Wins 2017 Herzberg Medal February 7, 2017 - Dr. Jeff Dahn has been awarded the top prize in science in Canada, the NSERC Herzberg Canada Gold Medal. Currently an NSERC Industrial Research Chair partnered with Tesla Motors, Dr. Dahn was the NSERC/3M Canada Industrial Research Chair (IRC) in Materials for Advanced Batteries for twenty years. Dr. Dahn’s group has invented material combinations that are used in batteries powering smart-grid power storage devices, power tools and electric cars. ACENET is proud to be supporting Dr. Dahn's research group. - (Photo by Danny Abriel)..
  • Ontario Partnering with Compute Ontario to Coordinate Advanced Computing Strategy for the Province Toronto, Ontario (January 27, 2017) — Today, Compute Ontario has been named as..
  • CFI Continues Funding to Compute Canada January 9, 2017 - The Canada Foundation for Innovation announced $328.5 million in funding today, including $69,455,000 for the Compute Canada MSI 2.0 project. This funding represents approximately 40% of the almost $174 million total funding for the project, the balance coming from provinces and post-secondary institutions. MSI 2.0 supports Compute Canada, along with regional consortia ACENET, Calcul Québec, Compute Ontario and WestGrid. Full story..

Sponsorship Program

In fulfilling its mandate, ACENET encourages the adoption and expansion of advanced research computing (ARC) usage in Atlantic Canada. Advanced computing skills are increasingly in demand across post-secondary institutions, government and the private sector, and this demand will continue to increase as computing capabilities grow and Big Data becomes more accessible.

ACENET has therefore allocated $30,000 in each of fiscal years 2015-16 and 2016-17 to sponsor ARC-related eligible activities across Atlantic Canada. Typical allocations will be up to $5000, but may also include “in kind” requests for dedicated support time from ACENET Computational Research Consultants.

The program aims to:

  • Foster use of Advanced Research Computing (ARC);
  • Facilitate development of highly qualified people (HQP);
  • Increase visibility of Atlantic Canadian research that depends on ARC;
  • Seed new collaborations; and
  • Increase the visibility of ACENET.

Applications for these funds are encouraged across all research disciplines; from those with a strong history of ARC usage, to those without. Groups of researchers in the same field of study are encouraged to apply.

Eligible activities include:

  • Seed money to support collaborative grants or initiatives (e.g. NCE, CREATE, HFSP, industrial funding) with a strong ARC component;
  • Conference funding to support ARC speakers or sessions;
  • Seminar funding for special ARC guest speakers;
  • ARC training sessions or courses; and
  • Student prizes at conferences with a strong ARC component.

Proposals may include a combination of these activities, and be anything from a one-time event to a multi-year initiative.

Evaluations will consider the impact of the proposal on Atlantic Canadian research,  training, and the advancement of ARC as a tool for discovery. Our priority will be to facilitate and support multi-institutional and multi-provincial proposals.

Submissions will be reviewed on a quarterly basis, so applicants should apply at least three months prior to their need.

Please contact for questions.


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