Greetings from ACENET PI

Greetings from ACENET PI

Briefly, I’m a theoretical physicist. These days that means I’m also a computational physicist. I am a physics professor using computational models to study biological problems — so I do computational biological physics. My background is in non-equilibrium statistical physics, and soft-matter theory — so I bring that flavour of model building to biological problems. There are a few people doing biological physics in Canada, see

I’ve been involved in ACENET from the beginning, first as a user, then as an attendee of Dalhousie LUG (local user group) meetings, then as chair of the Dal LUG, then in the Materials (Virtual) Institute, then in the RD (research directorate), and now as PI (principal investigator). In practice, the RD is a user-group that complements Board oversight of paid ACENET staff. The board ultimately decides on money matters and approves strategy. In a way, they say “no”. The RD says “yes” — i.e. suggests new initiatives and directions. For example, ACENET fellowships and sponsorship were suggested by the RD, approved by the board, and implemented by staff.

We’ve moved the ACENET RD to three year terms. We have traditional representatives from universities that have hosted hardware, we also have added a floating RD representative.

Andrew Rutenberg (my www)